Saturday, June 4, 2016

Meet the cast of new CBBC football drama Jamie Johnson

To celebrate the Euro 2016 championships, CBBC presents a brand new three part drama, Jamie Johnson based on the best-selling books by Dan Freedman.

The series follows Jamie an eleven year old boy who dreams of becoming a famous footballer, a boy who lives and breathes football.  The three episode series follows Jamie starting a new school, making new friends, dealing with school bully Dillon, searching for his absent father and trying out for the school’s football team,  all with the support of his new friends Jack and Boggy.

12 year old Louis Dunn from Manchester, stars as Jamie, in his first ever TV acting role, who landed the role after attending the open audition.

He said "My form teacher from school, Miss Connor, told me there was an open audition for Jamie Johnson as she knew that I loved football. This is the first ever acting role I have gone for."
Louis is also a talented footballer, and like his character Jamie, dreams of becoming a professional footballer one day.

11 year old Olivia Lava from London plays Jack,
Olivia, who is also a keen footballer, described how she got the part: "I never wanted to be an actress or do any acting, but it was my mum who got me into it. Her agent would find parts for me to audition for, but I would never get them. One that came up was Jamie Johnson. After reading the books, I understood what kind of character Jack was, I said to myself, “This for me!” Then miraculously, about two days after the audition I had a phone call saying that I had got the part!"

12 year old Jonnie Kimmins from Buckinghamshire, plays Boggy.

Jonnie has been going to drama classes and clubs since he was small, and said "I’ve always really enjoyed performing. I was lucky enough to work with Joe, the Director when I was about 9 years old. When he started to make Jamie Johnson, he remembered me and asked me to audition for the part of Boggy."

Another newcomer and footballer, 12 year old Patrick Ward from Coventry, plays the school bully Dillon.

Produced by Short Form Film Company, the 3 x 30 minute children’s series, was filmed entirely in and around Nottingham, and has already been commissioned for a second series, which starts production in August.

Jamie Johnson will screen on CBBC, from June 13th to 15th, at 5pm each day.


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