Thursday, May 12, 2016

First look at Love, Nina

An open casting call was posted on Screenterrier to find the two young boys to star in Love, Nina, the fictionalised television adaptation of Nina Stibbe’s bestselling book, 'Love, Nina'.

 Adapted by Nick Horby, the 5 x 30 minute episode series for BBC One stars Faye Marsay as twenty year old Nina who moves from from Leicester to North London in 1982 to care for the two young boys of a working single mother, George (played by Helena Bonham Carter) the editor of a London literary review.

10 year old Ethan Rouse (represented by Felix De Wolfe) in his on-screen debut, stars as Joe, the younger of the two brothers, who is small because of a chronic condition that has affected him since birth. He has a cheeky, intelligent humour, and is often playful with Nina, teasing her about her love life. He gets on well with his brother Max, but is always first to make a play for the limelight, especially when his frequent bouts of illness rear up.

Newcomer Harry Webster (represented by Curtis Brown) stars as Max, the older brother,who is relaxed and hard to ruffle. He is physically more confident than his younger brother; Max is brusque, literal and totally unfiltered.

The series also stars Joshua McGuire, Jason Watkins, and Sam Frears and is directed by SJ Clarkson.

The first episode of Love,Nina is on Friday 20th May at 9:30pm on BBC One.

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