Friday, March 4, 2016

First look at the cast of new Nickelodeon live-action series Ride

A new live-action teen drama series Ride, is coming to Nickelodeon, directed by House of Anubis director Tim Hopewell.

The series follows the adventures of Katherine 'Kit' Bridges, who relocates to England when her father joins the faculty at Covington Academy, an elite equestrian boarding school.

Ride stars Canadian actors Kendra Leigh Timmins as Kit, and Jonny Gray (star of Nickelodeon's Max & Shred) alongside a host of young British talent.

Oliver Dench (represented by Eamonn Bedford) plays Will, Rameet Rauli (represented by Simon & How), Manuel Pacific (represented by Rossmore Management), and Alana Boden (represented by Olivia Bell Management) as Elaine.

Ride is produced by Canada’s Breakthrough Entertainment and Buccaneer Media in the U.K.  and was cast by KM Casting.

 The 20-episode series has been shooting in Toronto since January and continues on location in Northern Ireland.

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