Thursday, July 9, 2015

First look at the young cast of The Outcast

George MacKay, Jessica Barden, Daisy Bevan, and Jessica Brown-Findlay lead the cast of The Outcast, a new two-part drama coming to BBC One, adapted by Sadie Jones from her award-winning novel.

The Outcast is a powerful portrait of small-town hypocrisy and young love, set in 1950s Britain.

Pushed to the fringes of society, Lewis seems to be completely abandoned, but for the one girl whose love might yet save him. Can he summon the courage to overcome his demons and expose the darkness that lurks behind the fa├žade of his picture-perfect village?

George MacKay (represented by Gordon and French) stars as Lewis Aldridge (from the age of 16), who is only ten years old when he witnesses the death of his beautiful, doting mother. Left alone with his emotionally distant father Gilbert (played by Greg Wise), Lewis is forced to bury his grief. Lewis is neglected until his suppressed rage boils over into an explosive act of defiance.

12 year old Finn Elliot (represented by Curtis Brown) from Chichester, plays the ten year old Lewis.

Jessica Barden, (represented by Curtis Brown), plays Kit one of the neighbouring Carmichael girls, and Lewis' only ally, but with her sister Tamsin, she has problems of her own, bullied by their father (played by Nathaniel Parker), an apparent pillar of the community who hides his true tendencies. Jocelyn MacNab, Topsy in CBeebies Topsy and Tim, plays Kit as a young child.

23 year old Daisy Bevan, a member of the Redgrave acting dynasty, plays Kit's older sister Tamsin., a fun and sparky character. When Lewis returns in part two, the whole village sees him as ‘the outcast’, but she’s intrigued by him and takes him under her wing.

Jessica Brown-Findlay (represented
by Troika), star of Jamaica Inn,  plays Alice, Gilbert's new wife. When Gilbert marries Alice, a needy younger woman, Lewis becomes prone to disturbingly self-destructive behaviour.

Directed by Iain Softley, the first episode of The Outcast is on BBC One on Sunday 12th July at 9pm.

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