Monday, March 16, 2015

Casting call for new roles in the 4 O'Clock Club

Emma Stafford Casting are casting on Series Five for the CBBC show the 4 O’Clock Club for New series Regulars.

We are looking at age 10 and 11 year olds boys and girls with an ethnic background apart from Amber who is Sister of Lizzie the Science teacher.

This is a new gang of Year 7's starting at the school. They are lovable rouges, always getting detention. They all must have excellent comedy skills.

We are looking for longevity with the cast to carry forward into subsequent series so the age and comedy skills are essential. We are ideally looking for ethnic suggestions but we will accept Caucasian if they have excellent stand-up comedy skills or good comedy credits.

AMBER (Female)

Amber is the leader of her little group of friends with Violet and Darnesh. She is always coming up with schemes to make life at school more bearable.

She has real spirit and is very funny, clever and has an evil twinkle in her eye. She is the fun loving little sister to Lizzie (Sarah Schoenbeck) the science teacher but she can also manipulate Sarah to her advantage.

VIOLET (Female)

Violet is Intelligent, has a dry sense of humour. She is sarcastic and witty but not nasty. She is not easy to make a fool of.


Darnesh is a lovable, happy, cheeky idiot. He is always up for some fun, is constantly kicking against the system.

INGRID (Female)

Ingrid is the antagonist to the group.

She has natural comedy bones, she is like a character from a sketch show. She is sassy and is always in the right. She is queen bee! She has to be the cleverest, prettiest, most ruthless and most loved/feared girl in the school. Amber is her achilles heel and they are both in competition with each other.

If you think you fit any of the above character briefs and would be interested in auditioning, please email: THIS CASTING IS NOW CLOSED

Full Name

Age & date of birth

Where you live (Which Town/ City)

Include a recent photo

Contact name, email and phone number for your parent/ guardian

If you have and previous acting experience and is so what

Any other talents.

We will contact you regarding an audition if we think you may be suitable. The auditions are at the end of March in either Manchester or London.


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  2. My name is Leo Silva
    My date of birth is 12/1/2005
    I live in Newcastle upon Tyne Byker
    Sorry I have no acting experience
    My talents are being cool rapping and basket ball and learning to rap your songs

  3. Hello my name is Katherine I am ten and I love rapping , hip hop dancing and singing. I am a massive fan of the 4 oclock club and I would love if I could audition for season 6 please may you give me the phone number and contact I have have been in 4 acting schools and have done 6 shows school shows/acting theatre shows .Please may you reply ASAP

  4. plz may you reply if I can or if there is any other shows I can be in

  5. is there any auditions in Cardiff in July

  6. I also know all Amber and violet's songs of by heart I really hope I can audition

  7. plz may u email me the details ASAP

  8. Dancing pets I have seen ure rapping it is great!

  9. Hi i really want to be in series 6 if there are any parts can you please let me know. I would like a main role but being at least something would do. Thankyou for your time!

  10. If there is any main parts can I please join . Itt would be an honor . So if there is a main space contact me with this e mail : . And my information is name Leo age 10 love to rap and play basketball

  11. hi am good a t rappingam a boy cool funny and watch 4ocock club all the tijme i know some song and ive been in loads of acting schools