Saturday, September 20, 2014

Millie Inbetween

13 year old Millie Innes stars in Millie Inbetween (previously known as The Millie Show), a new comedy about families coming to CBBC in October.

Millie (represented by Colours Management) from Glasgow, has been acting since she was three. She plays Maisy in CBBC series Dani's House, and received rave reviews for her role as Marlee Brodie in the award winning BBC Drama Case Histories as Jason Issacs daughter. Millie also starred alongside Suranne Jones playing David Tennant's youngest daughter Evie, in the critically acclaimed 2010 drama Single Father.

In Millie Inbetween, Millie’s parents have just split up and she and her big sister Lauren are alternating between Mum’s house and Dad’s flat. Millie soon spots the upside to this family set-up - two chances to celebrate Christmas, two birthdays and two bedrooms. But the downsides are harder to come to terms with - like the fact that both her parents find new partners - and they have children too...

Fellow Scottish actress Tallulah Grieve, previously seen in CBBC's MI High, stars as Millie's sister Lauren.

Millie Inbetween was filmed at the River City studios in Dumbarton and starts on Wednesday 1st October at 5pm on the CBBC channel.

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