Friday, August 8, 2014

X Plus Y

Asa Butterfield stars as Nathan, a teenage maths prodigy who struggles with people, not least his mother, Julie (played by Sally Hawkins), but finds comfort in numbers.

Mentored by unconventional and anarchic teacher Mr Humphreys (Rafe Spall), Nathan’s talents win him a place representing GB at the International Mathematics Olympiad.

When the team go to train in Taiwan, headed up by squad leader Richard (Eddie Marsan), Nathan is faced with unexpected challenges - not least his new and unfamiliar feelings for his Chinese counterpart...

Newcomer Jo Yang who went to school in West London before returning to study in Beiijing plays the beautiful Zhang Mei.

Edward Baker-Close, who appeared in Channel 4 drama Southcliffe plays the younger Nathan.

The rest of the young cast includes Wizards and Aliens star Percelle Ascott, Screenterrier rising star Alexa Davies, Alex Lawther who played Young Turing in the Imitation Game, Jake Davies, who can currently be seen in Leave to Remain, and newcomer Suraj Rattu (represented by Robert Kelly Associates) who can also be seen in indie feature Honeycomb Lodge.

From suburban England to bustling Taipei and back again, this original and heartwarming film tracks the funny, complex relationship Nathan has with his mentor who ends up learning more from Nathan than he could ever teach him. Ultimately this is Nathan’s journey to embrace the irrational nature of love.

Directed by BAFTA winning documentary maker Morgan Matthews, the film is produced by BAFTA and Golden Globe-winning David Thompson (Mandela) and Laura Hastings-Smith (Hunger, Chatroom), and written by award-winning playwright James Graham (This House, The Whiskey Taster).

X Plus Y was filmed on location in Sheffield, Cambridge and Taiwan.

Check out the trailer below:

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