Thursday, May 15, 2014

Meet the actors set to star in new science thriller DxM

A host of young talent is set to star in a new "quantum theory" thriller DxM announced at Cannes today.

The story follows a group of young bio-engineers who realize that quantum theory can be used to transfer motor skills from one brain to another. Believing this will lead to intellectual equality among humans, the group soon faces dark forces threatening to subvert the technology as an instrument for mass control.

Tom Payne (represented by Curtis Brown) leads the group as Jaxon, described as extremely intelligent and motivated, and the driving force behind the new technology. Tom also recently filmed the leads in The Physician and British indie feature Winter (aka Barking at Trees).

Melia Kreiling (represented in the UK by Piers Nimmo) plays Stella, a mystery to the rest of the group, a highly skilled bio engineer who specialises in everything. Part Greek and part American, Melia trained in dance and then acting in the UK.

Antonia Campbell-Hughes (represented by Independent Talent) plays Agnes, described as "the kitten of the group" - a genius with an interest in parallel universes.Antonia was one of Screen Internationals Stars of Tomorrow in 2011, and was awarded the Berlinale Shooting Star award in 2012.

Rising star Oliver Stark (represented by Jonathan Arun) joins the cast as Dylan, a brilliant musician who specialises in audio bio mechanics. Oliver will next be seen as the lead in low-budget feature My Hero.

Dominique Tipper (represented by Independent Talent) plays Maddie who has a particular interest in using science the prove the existence of God. Dominique's first film role was in Fast Girls and she went on to star in Vampire Academy.

My Mad Fat Diary star Turlough Convery (represented by Curtis Brown) will also star in the film - he plays Rollo, an eccentric Englishman who first discovers the technology before Jaxon takes over. Turlough went straight into Fresh Meat after leaving drama school last year before filming the new leading regular role in the 2nd series of the hit show My Mad Fat Diary for E4.

Sam Neill will play a professor. Andrew Goth co-wrote the film and is directing for CineMater

The film (Deus eX Machina) is currently in pre-production, with principal photography set to start in June and a theatrical release targeted for early 2015.

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