Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Meet the new faces of My Mad Fat Diary Series 2

The second series of the critically acclaimed My Mad Fat Diary starts on E4 on Monday 17th February.

We've had a look at the returning cast members but there's some new faces joining the show:

Turlough Convery stars as new regular Liam. Turlough landed a part in Fresh Meat straight after graduating from Guildford School of Acting. He's now represented by Curtis Brown.

18 year old Nick Preston (also represented by Curtis Brown) from Allenton, a graduate of the Nottingham-based TV Workshop also joins the cast as Simmy. Nick appeared as the teenage Alf in BBC drama The Village.

Former Coronation Street star Sacha Parkinson (represented by Curtis Brown) appears as manipulative bitch Shelley who's one of the 'It' girls at Rae's new college. Sacha also recently appeared in BBC Three drama The Crash and starred as Miriam in Channel 4's The Mill.

Jodie Hamblet (represented  by Linton Management) plays Vicky, another member of Shelley's gang.

Kirsty Armstrong (represented by Northern Lights Management) from Leeds appears as Lois.

The second series of the critically-acclaimed E4 drama begins at the hazy end of the long hot summer of 1996, a few weeks after Rae has finally revealed the truth about her mental health to her gang of friends and shared that moment with object of her lust, Finn. Feeling like her days as a psychiatric ward inpatient are behind her, Rae now faces sixth form college – but will she be able to survive this exposed new world? Set at the height of Brit Pop, My Mad Fat Diary continues to celebrate the truth of teenage life, in all its confusing, painful, joyous glory.

My Mad Fat Diary returns to E4 at 10pm on Monday 17th February.

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