Friday, February 28, 2014

Meet the cast of Legacy

Back in July last year a nationwide casting call was launched to find some new talent for Legacy, a new film from Unstoppable Entertainment and Think Big Productions.

Exec Produced by Noel Clarke (, The Anomaly) and Jason Maza (The Knot, The Hooligan Factory) Legacy tells the story of five teenagers and the ultimate party of the year.

After auditioning hundreds of girls with no previous professional experience, Amy Tyger from Manchester won the lead female role of Dani. 21 year old Amy is now represented by Cole Kitchenn.

Dani is strong willed, fierce, aggressive yet still lovable, she is protective and more than a match for the groups’ machismo. She’s an attractive tomboy with deep-rooted femininity issues exacerbated by her elder sister Yasmin.

21 year old Franz Drameh (represented by Hamilton Hodell) plays Sean, the unspoken leader of the group.

Franz starred in Attack The Block, and he also plays Brandon in BBC Three comedy Some Girls. Next up, he'll be seen in paranormal thriller Residue.

19 year old Jacob Chapman stars as Ben. Jacob (represented by Cole Kitchenn) previously played Brandon in E4 comedy series Beaver Falls.

Ben is the professional food-lover of the group! He’s a big-bellied, big-hearted pacifist, he’s the calm in the storm of the group. The one member that everyone loves without question.

Akshay Kumar stars as Cam. Akshay (represented by United Agents) is currently in his final year at Drama Centre drama school in London.
Described as a socially awkward technological genius and hopeless romantic, Cam is the most put upon member of the group.

Mckell David stars as joker PJ. Mckell (represented by Identity Agency Group) took the lead role in Mo Ali's action thriller Montana, and is currently filming in horror feature Don't Grow Up.

PJ is the youngest member of the group but an undeniably confident, fast-talking, street-slanging, failed womanizer.

Legacy is directed by David Fairbanks and Marc Small and due out this spring.

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