Saturday, January 11, 2014

First look at Outnumbered Series 5

Outnumbered is set to return for a fifth series this year. Apart from a Christmas Special, the last full series was back in 2011 and the new series show just how much those Brockman kids have grown, including a new hair colour for Karen.

Beleaguered parents Pete (Hugh Dennis) and Sue (Claire Skinner) continue to battle through life both within and outside of their hectic household. Sue has a brand new office job and, predictably, struggles to maintain an aura of composure with her three growing offspring to contend with back home, while Pete is besieged by unreliable technologies.

Jake (played by 17 year old Tyger Drew-Honey) is sporting a new tattoo - of sorts - and is getting behind the wheel to learn to drive.

Tone-deaf Ben (played by the now 14 year old Daniel Roche) is set to take the lead in his school play - a musical version of Spartacus.

Karen (12 year old Ramona Marquez), once the baby of the family, has taken the decision to no longer be blonde as she starts secondary school and, unsurprisingly, soon finds herself arguing with just about everyone, including her new head teacher.

Created and written by Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin, this is expected to be the last series of Outnumbered, but no final decision has been made.

Series 5 will air on BBC One later this month, date to be confirmed.

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