Thursday, January 23, 2014

Dixi - a new web drama series from CBBC

Claudia Jessie (represented by Debbie Allen Associates) leads the cast of Dixi, CBBC's first ever online comedy drama.

The young cast also includes Jordan Loughran (represented by Robert Kelly Associates) as Evie, Kerry Boyne, April Hughes (represented by Olivia Bell Management) as Mimi, Bethan Wright, Alexander Nicolaou (Morwenna Preston Management) as Syd, Joseph Ashworth, and Martin Bobb-Semple (Robert Kelly Associates) as Josh.

Created and directed by Dan Berlinka, Dixi is a story of intrigue and deception in a fictitious social network, and will be available exclusively across mobile, tablet and desktop platforms from 24 February, with 30 webisodes scheduled across three weeks.

In a first-person ‘selfie’ style of shooting, the show follows teen Shari, whose entire life is on Dixi: from chatting to friends and sharing pictures to posting funny vlogs. This social network is her life. That is, until her page is defaced, her password changed and she is locked out. To Shari, it’s the end of the world, but with the help of her closest friends she sets out to discover who hacked Dixi and ‘murdered’ her profile page.

The series is produced by Kindle Entertainment who have also created a mock version of the social network Dixi which will be available from the CBBC website, and features the profiles from the characters that see them posting messages to and from one another.

Melanie Stokes, Executive Producer for Kindle Entertainment, says: “Most of the CBBC audience will be about to take the plunge into that very exciting and unchartered world of social media for the first time. With Dixi we want to really use the vernacular of those sites to dramatise the highs and lows that come with living life online.”

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