Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fresh Meat Series 3 casting news

The third series of Fresh Meat, Channel 4's award-winning comedy drama series, written and created by Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong, is currently filming in Manchester.

Joining the cast as a brand new housemate and genuine fresher is Faye Marsay as Candice. Home schooled and as yet unsullied by student-dom (unless JP has his way) this first year is about to make an impact on the rest of the house, as they set out to show her just how cool they really are.

26 year old Middlesbrough-born Faye (represented by Curtis Brown) is a recent graduate of Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. She can currently be seen playing Anne Neville in the BBC's historical drama The White Queen and has also recently joined the cast of ITV's wartime drama, The Bletchley Circle.

Series 3 will see all the main characters returning to Manchester for their second year at university. Well, nearly all of them - having been kicked off her course, Josie (Kimberley Nixon) will be in Southampton, but still talking to her former house mates, slightly disembodied but in full HD via the technological wonders of an iPad. However there are hints she might return to Manchester.

The new series begins with JP (Jack Whitehall) throwing himself, head first, into a second year ceremonial mission to fuck a fresher; accompanied somewhat willingly but not altogether skilfully by his faithful wing-man, Howard (Greg McHugh). Meanwhile Kingsley (Joe Thomas) is still experiencing life as an unlikely lothario as he continues to juggle double women trouble.

There's also another newbie in the mix, as Vod (Zawe Ashton) brings back more than everyone bargained for from her travels in the shape of her new Mexican 'beefcake lover' Javier (which may explain why she and translator Oregon (Charlotte Ritchie) returned from their jaunt separately)

Filming began in Manchester in June and the series will be broadcast on Channel 4 in Autumn 2013.


  1. i thought i recognised her.....she won the spotlight thing didn't she? she's doing really well, good for her

  2. Anyone knows who will be playing Javier?