Wednesday, July 10, 2013

All at Sea casting news

Screenterrier posted a casting call back in February for a new CBBC series which has been shooting in Manchester since May and is due to hit our screens in September.

The 13 episode comedy drama series centres around 10-year-old Charlie, a highly imaginative boy with heroic leadership skills, qualities that combine to create amazing adventures and terrible chaos.

Charlie, his parents and his brother and sister have just moved to Scarborough from London, downsizing to a family home that doubles as a B&B. Life at the seaside is new to everyone and Charlie loves the freedom, his new friends and their exploits, while his family can’t understand how he creates such havoc around them.

12 year old Ryan Wilkinson (represented by Scream Management) landed the lead role of Charlie in new CBBC drama All at Sea (aka Family By Sea and Charlie and the Alien). Ryan, from Manchester, has previously appeared in Shameless, Doctors and the Secret of Crickley Hall.

14 year old Milly Zero (represented by Bonnie & Betty) from London plays Charlie's older sister Hannah. Milly appeared in the CBBC documentary series Show Me What You're Made Of, and is about to start at the Brit School.

11 year old Olivia Cosgrove (represented by Scream Management) from Manchester landed the role of Alison, Olivia has previously appeared in an episode of Moving On and Sally Lindsay's Little Cracker.

11 year old Sam Hattersley from South Yorkshire (represented by Mark Jermin Management) plays Ben. Sam previously appeared in the BBC's Accidental Farmer and goes to Starstruck Performing Arts Academy in Doncaster.

Written by Brian Lynch, produced by Juliet Charlesworth and executive produced by Connal Orton, All At Sea is directed by Matt Bloom and Paul Murphy and expected to screen on CBBC in September 2013.


  1. boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooring

    1. That's pretty horrid considering you come to this page out of choice!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. You're probably just a boring person :)

  2. Replies
    1. I know, she's soooooo cute, and Milly Zero :)

  3. all these shows are boring that the bbc makes such as all at sea

  4. "All At Sea" is the best show on CBBC and the best show on TV.
    Alison and Hannah are legends :)

  5. "All At Sea" is a fantastic and wonderful programme as well as CBBC's "Just Kidding" and "4O'Clock Club".
    CBBC is much better than CITV. I hope they bring Nev the bear from "Bear Behaving Badly" into "All At Sea", imagine Nev with cute little Alison - soooooo cute :)

  6. Can't wait for series 2 of "All At Sea" in September 2014 and please make just one more (series 3) from September 2015, pretty please :)
    boo to those people who think "All At Sea" is boring or rubbish (you must have something seriously wrong with you) , it is fun and special.
    Steve Edge such a legend and hope to see more scenes with Alison and Hannah together and talking to each other, that would be great fun :)

  7. I hope CBBC has an "All At Sea" day next year with all of series 1 & 2 all day, I could watch this funny and entertaining show for hours and forget about everything else in the world.
    "All At Sea" is most certainly making it's fans very happy :)
    Hope they bring it out on DVD :) a Alison and Hannah DVD boxset, wonderful :)
    Love you Olivia and Milly xxx

  8. long may "All At Sea" continue :)
    those who want it on DVD, answer this post :)

  9. CBBC is a wonderful world full of Love and Happiness. Keep it up CBBC, you're the best!
    whoops, I missed the bus :)

  10. Zoe-Marie (Ruby Morgan) from "4 O'clock Club" also sooooooo cute:) x

  11. Love Hannah and Alison's clothes in "All At Sea" :)
    Louie quite sweet too :)
    Love "Hacker Time" on CBBC :) Hacker also cute :)
    I hope in the next series that Hacker will interview Olivia Cosgrove & Milly Zero either together or on separate occasions :) That would be awesome :) Pretty please Hacker, Get Olivia & Milly on :)

  12. If you're feeling low or down, "All At Sea" cheers you up and makes you feel better and if you're happy it makes you feel on top of the world :)
    whether it's sunny, snowy or rainy; "All At Sea" always brings a smile to the face and lots of joy and pleasure.
    Milly Zero and Olivia Cosgrove are superstars x

  13. "All At Sea" is the best
    Hannah and Alison are the best, I can't choose between the two :)

  14. "All At Sea" starring:
    The Legendary Milly Zero and The Legendary Olivia Cosgrove :)

    Charlie (Ryan Wilkinson) is so funny :)

  15. Love it when Alison say's "OUTSTANDING" :)
    Alison and Hannah are Outstanding! x

  16. Can't wait for Series 2 :)
    I just want that very special day to be here now :)
    Can't wait to see Alison, Hannah and all the lovely gang again :)

  17. "4 O'Clock Club" starring:
    The Legendary Ruby Morgan :)

  18. Hi, I'm Portia and I have been reading all of the latest sweet comments about "All At Sea"; I am also a huge fan of the show. In fact, I would be lost without CBBC and "4 O'clock Club" and "All At Sea". I am also very much looking forward to series 2 and I recently saw the photos of the forthcoming Christmas show filmed in a Manchester shopping centre, Charlie, Ben and Alison all look so cute as usual. They have grown up so fast. The Christmas show looks magical and special and it will certainly be the best Christmas present ever for 2014 :)
    Looking forward to all 13 episodes of series 2 and looking forward to seeing all the cast again :)
    Milly Zero & Olivia Cosgrove are both much more stunning and much more beautiful than Cheryl Cole :)
    Love Ben and love Charlie & Hannah's Mum (Nicola Stephenson) and Dad (Steve Edge).
    Olivia Cosgrove (Alison) is the star of the show, in fact she's the star of CBBC and basically the star on TV :) she's the best and she's a wonderful legend :) x
    Yes, it would be wonderful when the show ended for there to be a complete DVD boxset of the show , why not? It would most certainly sell well to all of the fans :)
    not looking forward to the new series of "The X Factor". ("All At Sea" is a much better alternative)
    Love you guys from "All At Sea", can't wait for series 2 coming shortly and the Christmas one and thanks for entertaining us all and making us all very happy. if there's anyone to cheer you up in the world it's all the gang from "All At Sea" - most especially Steve Edge, Milly Zero & the amazing and fabulous Olivia Cosgrove" :) Love it when Alison grabs Ben's neck :) does it really hurt Ben? :)
    Please Make just one more series (Series 3) next year for air in September 2015.
    Thanks "All At Sea", you're the best programme ever :)
    Miss you when it's not on :)

  19. If “All At Sea” came out on DVD, I would purchase several of them, one for me and some for my friends who are also huge fans :)
    “All At Sea” isn’t just a TV show, it’s a wonderful world of pure fun and great joy.
    “Al At Sea” is genius.

    Dear CBBC,
    Could you get Charlie, Ben & Alison from “All At Sea” onto the next series of “Ultimate Brain”?
    Thanks. Love Portia x
    Hope to see them on the next series!

  20. "All At Sea" is a timeless classic and Hannah deserves to have a nice boyfriend :)
    Hope it's not too long till series 2 now, I just can't wait, it's so exciting. It's the only decant and pleasant show on TV.

  21. "OUTSTANDING", "Negative", "Affirmative" :)
    "It's A Travesty Of Justice" :)

  22. Olivia Cosgrove and Milly Zero are extremely talented actresses; they are very confident and very professional and deliver great pure class entertainment. They are superstars :)
    Can't wait till series 2, where are you?
    Hope to see an "All At Sea" DVD boxset on Amazon one day, it would be a BIG and MASSIVE dream come true :) xxx
    if you are also a huge fan, tell them you want it on DVD too :)

  23. "Brookville" B&B - best in Scarborough, best in England, best in the world :)


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