Friday, March 8, 2013

Youngers comes to E4 on 20th March

Back in July last year, Big Talk Productions conducted open auditions in London to find new faces, with over 350 applicants aged 16 - 19, turning up - from actors, to rappers and aspiring music artists.

Now the new show Youngers, a witty and original new comedy drama series set in South East London, is set to start on E4 at 19:30pm on Wednesday 20th March.

The series follows a group of friends trying to negotiate their way through teenage life in a world that's more about swagger than straight As.

In episode one, it's GCSE results day and friends Yemi (Ade Oyefeso) and Jay (Calvin Demba) nervously make their way to school to find out what the future holds. Aspiring producer Yemi aces his results, but there's no celebrating for Jay. Determined to swerve a career fixing boilers with his dad, Jay picks up a leaflet for Mic Star, a local music competition that could be his break into the urban music industry. On enrolment day for Chairwood, Yemi meets current student Davina, who has an interesting take on Mic Star, and could change Yemi’s mind. But for these Youngers it's never going to be that easy....

Written by Levi David Addai with Benjamin Kuffuor, Mark Catley and Georgia Lester, the series is produced by Big Talk Productions for E4.

Check out the characters and cast:

Calvin Demba plays Jay. Calvin previously played Scott in Hollyoaks and is represented by MN Talent Management.   

Jay's a charmer... a proper lad's lad. When it comes to girls, he's a self-confessed addict and a bit of a lady killer. His other love? Spitting bars.

Jay's been best friends with Yemi since primary school days. Impulsive, he's lead in life by his passions. Jay downright refuses to be seen as merely a teenager or younger. He believes - knows - he is the next big thing... he's just waiting for the rest of the world to catch up.

Newcomer Ade Oyefeso (represented by Troika) plays Yemi. Ade played also played the role in the pilot for the series which was called Trainees.  

Yemi is humble. Yemi is mild-mannered. Both of these things are useful, because Yemi is also Jay's long-suffering best friend.

A talented bedroom producer, Yemi's torn between his loyalty to his mum, his ambitions for college and his love of music. He's got a hunger for success – but wants to do it the 'right way'. And that usually means playing things cautiously, a bit different to his mate Jay, who likes taking a punt on things.

Shavani Seth (represented by Identity Agency Group) plays the beautiful and graceful Davina.

Davina lives in South London but she reckons she's "on the wrong side". Davina's not privileged... but definitely not ghetto.

Her love of singing and urban music means the Youngers is a natural home for her. But will her insecurity about where she comes hold her back?

Joining them, as previously announced on Screenterrier, are YouTube heroes Mandem On The Wall aka recent BRIT school graduates 18 year old Joivan Wade, 19 year old Percelle Ascott , and 24 year old comedy actor Dee Kartier, (all represented by Sainou). They live near Jay and Yemi and are always around to offer some words of wisdom. Sort of :). They are Failia (ladies man), Yungah Baker (loose cannon - prone to emotional outbreaks) and Yungah Baby Tinie Winie (sweet boy - and the sensible one of the three).

Youngers starts 19:30pm Wednesday 20th March on E4

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