Saturday, February 9, 2013

How to Catch a Monster

Saoirse Ronan and Matt Smith have joined the cast of Ryan Gosling's directorial debut How to Catch a Monster. They will join an ensemble cast including Christina Hendricks, Eva Mendes, Matt Smith and Ben Mendelsohn.

Written and directed by Ryan Gosling, How to Catch a Monster weaves elements of fantasy noir, horror and suspense into a modern day fairytale. Set against the surreal dreamscape of a vanishing city, Billy (Hendricks) a single mother of two, is swept into a macabre and dark fantasy underworld while Bones, her 18-yr-old son, discovers a secret road leading to an underwater town. Both Billy and Bones must dive deep into the mystery, if their family is to survive.

This will be current Doctor Who star Matt Smith's US acting debut.

The 18 year old Irish actress (represented by MacFarlane Chard in the UK) is currently shooting Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel and next stars in Working Title's Mary Queen of Scots. She can next be seen starring in The Host, the new screen adaptation of the bestselling novel by Twilight Saga author Stephenie Meyer, which is released in the UK at the end of March.

Casting is still on-going for the role of 18 year old Bones and his younger brother Frankie.

How to Catch a Monster is scheduled to begin shooting this May in Detroit.

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