Monday, December 10, 2012

Out Of Step auditions

OUT OF STEP is a brand new British dance comedy musical shooting next year and we are searching for new stars to play the leading roles.

In early 2013 we will be holding auditions in London to find the UK’s next biggest triple threats – performers who can SING, DANCE and ACT.

The auditions will be open to anyone aged 16-25, male or female and of any ethnicity based in the UK.

To be kept informed and up to date with the application process and the film please sign up below and follow us on Twitter @OutofStepMovie


Gloria, a young aspiring dancer competes for a role in the biggest dance show on the planet, only to find out that the world she inhabits isn’t all that it seems when her life starts to resemble that of several famous dance musicals.


London set, OUT OF STEP is a completely new and unique take on the dance musical genre. Lovingly embracing and poking fun at classic dance films: Saturday Night Fever, Grease, Fame, Footloose and Dirty Dancing, OUT OF STEP takes the genre to the next level by asking the question:

What if a group of characters were living in a dance musical but didn’t realize it?

The film was commissioned by Sweet As A Productions as an original project and is driven by a passionate love for dance and dance movies. The film plays with the conventions of the genre by turning them on their head, taking into account a modern audience’s knowledge and accessibility to the films that have inspired it.


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