Thursday, November 8, 2012

Casting search for three 12 - 14 year old actors


MOHAMMED is RAIN MAN meets SUPERBAD – a kids comedy action adventure. 12-year old Adam finds his 31-year old, WWF Wrestling obsessed brother with learning difficulties a TOTAL nightmare – until he sees a chance to use him to gain friends.

Director is the awesome Mustapha Kseibiti - a Screen International Star of Tomorrow:

Producer is Michael Berliner. They are the same team behind the shorts PAINKILLER and SKATEBOARDS AND SPANDEX. This is Michael's company:

This short film is being financed through the prestigious BFI Shorts scheme and is scheduled to shoot in February 2013, most likely in West London.

The roles we are looking for are:

ADAM - 12 - 14 years old
Fair skin - Asian. Mixed race - needs to pass off as half Pakistani half English. Slim build. We need an actor as good as Elliot in E.T. or Mikey from Goonies. Clean cut. Sheltered. Tries to be cool but fails miserably.

HAROON - 12 - 14 years old
Fair skin – Any race except not black or white. He’s a plastic bad boy. Still needs to look innocently boyish but a bit of a bad boy too. He's the leader of the cool gang - a bit gangsta, but West London gangsta not East End gangsta - more ADULTHOOD than LOCK STOCK.

KIERAN - 12- 14 years old
Afro Caribbean Male. A little slow. Taller then the other kids but with a large build. A meathead, the muscles of the group. But he’s got to be funny looking. Not menacing. Big nostrils a plus. A dumb Will Smith.

Submissions can be made to THIS CASTING IS NOW CLOSED - please send a photo and details of acting experience (if any). Auditions will be held in central London.

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  1. im albanian can i apply for the role of Haroon?