Saturday, November 17, 2012

Casting call for Manchester-based short film


BROTHERHOOD is the story of HARRY WATSON (17) a teenager with a serious attitude problem. His home life is as frayed as his mothers nerves, from the constant fighting between him and his older brother JOSH (19) who has Downs Syndrome. Harry has always resented his older brother for not acting like an older brother should and for all the attention his mother lavishes upon him. Caught between her two sons when they are at loggerheads, it is a source of great upset for mum. 

Their already difficult relationship is tested when, in order to get what he wants Harry must bring Josh onside and repair their relationship, at least on the surface. In a drunken adolescent misadventure when Harry needs help most, it falls to Josh to save his brother's neck. Can they repair their relationship or has it gone too far?

GAVIN (17) (M) Gavin is the best friend of lead character Harry (played by Bobby Lockwood). He is Harry's conscience, the moral compass of the film, calm, collected and sensitive to the way Josh is treated. A great part for an actor who can give a subtle and natural performance. 

Please contact Adam Cohen on
to THIS CASTING IS NOW CLOSED with suggestions. 

Date: Auditions are 26th November. Filming dates are 14th-16th December.

Location: Z Film Studios, Studio House, Battersea Road, Greater Manchester, SK4 3EA

Company: Monty Films

Director: Stuart Fryer

Producer: Sean Langton & Charlotte Woodhead

Payment: Travel Expenses

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