Friday, October 12, 2012

The Sparticle Mystery Series 2

Filming has completed on Series Two of Sparticles Productions' hit live action children's science-fiction drama series The Sparticle Mystery. It was filmed at fourteen locations across Yorkshire including Spofforth Castle, Harewood House, Plumpton Rocks, Temple Newsam House, Armley Mills and Devonshire Hall in Leeds.

The 10 episode new series follows the continuing adventures of the Sparticles; a tribe of children formed after an accident at a particle accelerator teleports everyone on Earth over the age of 15 away into a parallel dimension.

Series Creator Alison Hume, who lives in York, says; "The new adventures of the Sparticles tribe will keep our audience on the edge of their seats and their imaginations fizzing as well as delivering lots of humour, wit and laugh-out-loud moments."

Executive Producer for CBBC Sue Nott adds; “I’m thrilled that the CBBC audience will soon have the chance to journey further with the Sparticles on their quest to bring back their parents, while sharing the fun and challenge of a world without adults.”

The new series sees the return of familiar faces from the first series including Megan Jones as Tia, Karim Zeroual as Sadiq, Wesley Nelson as Jeffrey, Emily Sanderson as Reese, Grace Mandeville as Holly, Jerome Holder as Callum, Abbie Hayes as Frankie, Oli Dillon as Fizzy, Oliver Bell as Liam and Gerran Howell as Ernesto.

Series 2 also stars, as previously announced on Screenterrier,  Lee Worswick as ‘Rocky’ and Karene Peter as ‘Serena”. Annette Badland (Summerhill, Doctor Who) reprises her role as ‘Doomsday Dora’.

The second series of The Sparticle Mystery is written by Alison Hume (Summerhill), Dan Berlinka (Shaun the Sheep, 4 O'Clock Club) and Joe Williams (Young Dracula, Dani's House), and directed by Jonathan Fox Bassett, Laura Smith, and Jon East.

The new series is expected to air on CBBC in early 2013.


  1. its 2014 series 3 havent coome out yet is it true that they r looking for people to audition for it

    1. Wikipedia says that they're filming in July 2014 until November 2014, then making changes and editing to the scenes until they air the first episode in late January