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Some Girls - meet the cast

Adelayo Adedayo (represented by IAG) plays Viva in Some Girls, the new comedy drama series coming to BBC Three in November. After roles in Skins, MI High, and the film Sket, this is Adelayo's first TV lead role. She is currently filming the feature film Gone Too Far for Destiny Films.

The series is seen through the eyes of Viva. She is perhaps more serious than the other three. She's a girl who wants to move up in the world. She is very responsible towards her friends; she cares about their well-being and has a nurturing side. She's sensible and very highly motivated to do well at school, go to university and have a career. Her relationship with single mother Mel - who hangs round the estate all day along with her baby - is a great incentive to Viva to stay focussed on her ambitions. She lives with her fireman father and his girlfriend – who also happens to be Viva's "stupid Nazi football coach."

What was your audition like? What did you have to do?
I had quite a few auditions for it. In my last one I did all my audition scenes with the other three girls as their characters had already been cast. It was in front of Adam (the director), Bernadette (the writer), Helen and Justin (the producers) and the casting director so it was a very full room! I thought I’d feel quite awkward as the girls already seemed so comfortable with each other but I didn’t at all! We bounced off each other really well.

How was it when you first met your three co-stars?
The first time we were all in a room together was great fun! I did think about how it would be for me since I was joining the cast last of all but once I was in the room I completely forgot about all that. The girls are so cool and I felt instantly relaxed around them.

How would you sum up Viva and her friendship with the three girls?
Viva is a leader and she’s quite uncool in a cool way. She’s not really interested in being popular or in boys! Well, actually she likes to think she’s not! She really cares about her three friends and is constantly trying to bail them out of awkward situations but as she is just as crazy as the rest of them, this usually fails miserably!

Natasha Jonas (represented by DAA Management), who played Gloria in last year's hit feature Attack The Block, plays Holli.

Holli is Viva's best mate, and her violent, entertaining outbursts are legendary. She has no respect for school and has often been in trouble. Her Dad is in prison and her Mum is permanently depressed, so Holli pretty much takes care of all her younger siblings, Porschea, Prada, Louis V and Armani. However when she's with her mates she is very different - she is wild and quick-tempered. She has a volatile relationship with Saz in particular but would fiercely defend her against outsiders because she is always loyal to her friends.

What was your audition like? What did you have to do?
I can only remember the last audition. It was scary. Hat Trick had asked 2 actresses come in for each part so I saw the other other girl that was going for the part I was going for.

How was it when you first met your three co-stars?
Mandeep, Alice and I got cast before Ade joined. Our relationship was really strong: we would text and call each other every few weeks getting worried about the series getting commissioned. When we found out it had been, Mandeep and I had a screaming session on the phone for about half an hour. When Hat Trick cast Ade we felt our gang was complete. At Ade's audition, we knew she was the Viva we were looking for.

How would you sum up the girls' friendships with each other?
The connection between Holli and Amber works well because Amber understands Holli's jokes and sexual conversations. Hol's relationship with Saz is just like an old married couple. They have their highs and their lows, they are hot and then they’re cold but no matter what happens Holli will always have her back. Holli and Viva's relationship is quite motherly, Viva supports and helps Holli to understand that her behaviour can sometimes be unacceptable and tells her what the impact of Holli’s actions can have on her life.

Mandeep Dhillon (represented by Piers Nimmo Management), who featured alongside Thomas Sangster in TV movie Some Dogs Bite plays Saz.

Saz comes from a strict Sikh family. She finds her home life quite repressive and is not interested in her parents' religion. Saz is feisty, clever and quick-witted and often uses sarcasm to cope with difficult situations. She has a tough exterior but underneath is quite insecure. She enjoys winding up Holli.

What was your audition like? What did you have to do?
When I first auditioned it was at Hat Trick Offices and I auditioned for the role of Amber. I then got a recall for the same character but half way through the audition the producer came in and said “we’d like you to audition for the role of Sarah (my character’s previous name)”. They handed me the script and asked if I would like some time to prepare but I said “no, let’s just do it”… so we did. Then I got a call saying I had the part, but, because it was only the part for the BBC read through I tried not to get too excited. It was after the second read through at the BBC that I got the phone call from my agent to say that the show was going to series. That’s when it became real and they changed my character’s name from Sarah to Saz, and the writer asked if she could make her Indian (and I was like “YES OF COURSE YOU CAN”). I mean I am Indian after all. Haha.

How was it when you first met your three co-stars?
I met Alice and Natasha a good year before we started filming and at least 6 months before we got the confirmation. When I met the two girls and saw how they portrayed their characters I started to feel excited because I knew it would work. The casting directors had been so precise in casting that there was no-one else who could pull off the parts like them. Especially Alice's role Amber: playing ‘dumb’ is difficult and hard to pull off, but she was amazing at it and just so convincing. As people, Alice and Natasha are so far from their characters but equally lovely girls to work with and to bond with.
When I met Adelayo for the first time it was her last audition. In the audition (that Natasha and me were part of to help with the casting process), Ade shocked me by her performance and actually made me break character and laugh. I knew from then that she had something brilliant to offer. Once she got the role and rehearsals began I got to know Ade and who she is as a person. I bonded really quickly with her and so did the other girls. It was a nice feeling because the hardest thing to do is fake a friendship on camera. So it was a blessing that we all actually clicked and gelled really quickly. Ade is brilliant as Viva and again I couldn’t see anyone playing that part other than her. She truly does shine and is hilarious.

How would you sum up Saz and her friendship with the three girls?
I would sum up Saz as very sarcastic and a bit of a math swot. She says the wrong things at the wrong time but that’s why her friends love her. I would also describe Saz as being socially inept. Although she is very sarcastic and can hold her own she has her vulnerable side when it comes to love and boys and fitting in. I feel her friendship with the other three girls is a very strong one The best bit about these girls is they are so different from each other but so accepting of each other which brings a really warm atmosphere to the series.

19 year old Harrodian Alice Felgate (represented  by BWH), who featured  in Hallmark TV movie The Cabin, completes the group of friends, as Amber.

What was your audition like? What did you have to do?
There were a few auditions, not just one, but at the very first one I only had to go on tape so it wasn't too bad. When I was called back for my second audition, Bernadette was in the room and so I felt the pressure a little bit but she was so nice and very supportive of the way I was playing Amber that the nerves soon disappeared and I relaxed. Every time I auditioned (three times) I would leave the Hat Trick building, walk down to Camden High Street and mentally throw away the audition thinking "Well, I definitely didn't get that!" but they kept calling me back and I was delighted. Eventually we had to do a ‘chemistry read’ that I remember most fondly because it's the first time I really saw how special and funny the show was. There were eight girls going up for the four parts and they were seeing who worked best together. It was the first time Tash and I met and we could feel it was going our way because the decision makers continued to keep us in the room. Even though they can be a little daunting, all of the auditions were great fun. How can it not be when you’re playing someone as fun as Amber?

How was it when you first met your three co-stars?
I met Natasha first at the chemistry read-through and we hit it off immediately. I think we were the two youngest so we kind of stuck together. We exchanged numbers and kept in touch and we were the first to call each other when we found out the series had been commissioned. We met Mandi at the BBC read-through and I liked her instantly. Mandi has so much life and energy in her that you just want to chat to her all day. I was away while they were doing the final castings of Viva so when I came back for rehearsals there was tiny Ade sitting there. She looked so sweet but she packs a punch and had me in stitches within five minutes. I don't think the show would have worked if the four of us didn't get on or if the chemistry was forced or fake. As different as we are, the four of us are as close as can be.

How would you sum up Amber and her friendship with the three girls?
Amber is a sweet, good-hearted girl who cares for her friends, family and multiple boyfriends. Amber is living happily in her own little bubble and whenever it's burst, her best friends are always there to support her. Her weakness is boys, especially her on-again off-again relationship with Brandon (who is seriously close to being as vacuous as her). Adelayo and I discussed on set that we thought that perhaps Amber and Viva have been friends the longest out of the group. Amber has always had Viva there to help her out of a ridiculous situation and that comes across in the series as Viva knows how best to deal with Amber and her concerns. Holli and Amber never dispute or come to blows; mainly because if Holli did ever say anything harsh to Amber it would probably go over her head. Saz and Amber get on as well as the others except for the times when Saz's jaw is on the floor over the most recent ridiculous statement that Amber has made.

Some Girls starts on BBC Three at 10pm on Tuesday 6th November 2012.

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