Thursday, October 25, 2012

First look at Some Girls

Back in February, Screenterrier reported on the casting of Adelayo Adedayo, Mandeep Dhillon, Alice Felgate and Natasha Jonas in the roles of four London teenagers in Some Girls, a new comedy drama series for BBC Three, written by Bernadette Davis (Game On), and directed by Adam Miller  for Hat Trick Productions.

Some Girls is about the lives and loves of a group of quirky 16-year-old girls who play on the same school football team and live on the same inner city estate. We join them on their bumpy journey through adolescence, taking in boys, sex, cliques, teachers, heartbreak, fun and even some football along the way.

At the heart of the comedy is Viva (Adelayo Adedayo), whose ambition is to stay motivated and go to college. She lives with her dad Rob (Colin Salmon) and her stepmother Anna (Dolly Wells), a New Zealander who also happens to be Viva's sadistic PE teacher, and her annoying younger brother.

Viva is great friends with Holli (Natasha Jonas) whose entertaining, violent outbursts are legendary. Saz (Mandeep Dhillon) and Amber (Alice Felgate) complete the gang. They talk about everything from history homework to their ambitions in life. They share everything: their clothes, their moods, their secrets and - occasionally - their mothers' tranquillisers.

Amber wants to dump her boyfriend Brandon, played by Franz Drameh, but can't resist his charms.

Some Girls starts on BBC Three at 10pm on Tuesday 6th November 2012.

Check out the trailer:

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