Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Revolting World of Stanley Brown

Back in January, Screenterrier posted a casting call on behalf of casting director Kerrie Mailey for a new CBBC comedy series The Revolting World of Stanley Brown.
Now, the revolting new comedy is ready to hit our screens, as it comes to CBBC this autumn.

The series revolves around 13-year-old Stanley Brown, who shares his insatiable curiosity about the revolting world around him with a chaotic time-traveller, Archie (played by stand-up comedian and presenter Sy Thomas) and his best friends Mike and Jess. Stanley is always in trouble but each week he finds a new and exciting way to come out on top, delighting in the mess and mayhem the world throws at him.

14 year old Dean-Charles Chapman (represented by Troika) leads the cast as Stanley Brown. After a few roles in television, Dean was cast as Small Boy in Billy Elliot in the West End when he was eight, in the original cast of the show. He then began training when he was 10 and has since played both Michael and Billy in the production. He was the longest-serving Billy and the second-longest-serving cast member. Stanley is a bright spark, naturally inquisitive and into comics, gadgets and computer games, he often questions the way something works, which sets up the the explorative journey each episode takes. And the more disgusting something is, the more interested he is...

Jess is played by newcomer 13 year old newcomer Nell Williams, who started her acting career playing Young Birdy in Victoria Wood's Loving Miss Hatto due to air this December on BBC1. Jess is unashamedly different, cunning, deadpan, witty and street-smart. Intrigued by Stanley's creative experiments, as well as his odd behaviour, she decides to attach herself to Stanley and become his friend - whether he likes it or not.

13 year old Louis Demosthenous (represented by A&J Management) plays Mike, Stanley's best friend. Mike is considered a weakling but he's got the heart of a lion and is extremely loyal to his friend.

Stanley's older sister Steph is played by 17 year old Nicola Duffell from Brighton. Represented by Mark Jermin Management, Nicola made her TV acting debut at aged 13 in Half Moon Investigations for CBBC and is a member of the Brighton Theatre Workshop. Steph is an outwardly well-behaved teenager but behind her mum's back, she takes delight in winding Stanley up.

Rhyanna Alexander-Davies plays Daisy, Steph's best friend. Steph doesn't really treat her very well but Daisy doesn't seem to mind. She has a heart of gold and is eager to please, although her honesty often gets her into trouble. 15 year old Rhyanna trains part-time at the Anna Fiorentini Theatre School in Hackney and plays Miss Wannamaker in The Ministry of Curious Stuff.

Stanley Brown is a normal but unusually curious kid until his world changes in a way he least expects – with the arrival of his great, great, great, great, great, great… grandson, Archie. Archie has travelled back from the future to spend some time with his hero forefather, using technology destined to be invented by ideas initiated by Stanley and his descendants.
According to Archie (and his super computer, Olivia), Stanley’s brilliant insights are what make him special – his curiosity, his ability to make connections, to experiment, evaluate, and persist in finding a solution where other people would give up.
In fact, according to Archie, Stanley Brown was the first in a line of geniuses who kick started loads of incredible advancements and inventions for future generations. Archie has arrived to witness first hand, observe and learn from the brilliant Stanley Brown… as well as coming to have some fun.
Unfortunately, no one but Stanley can see or hear Archie so there’s no one but Archie who seems to understand or care what an amazing mind Stanley has. At the moment, nobody shares Archie’s belief in Stanley – certainly not his mum or sister Steph, who both wish Stan was a little more ‘average’ and a lot less trouble.
Archie uses reality-bending powers to show us the unseen world around us in microscopic detail, covering a broad spectrum of content from human biology to physics via explosive chemistry and gory zoology. Together, the two of them open our eyes to the wonders of science – but often misjudge the impact of their experiments, as an explosion of science, comedy and chaos unfolds.
Archie’s arrival may make Stanley’s life a lot more complex, but it’s a lot more fun too – even if he still has to cope with his mum’s constant cleaning, as well as Jess the street-smart and confrontational girl next door, and having to look out for his accident-prone friend Mike. Stanley Brown has a lot on his plate, but if anyone can cope with the arrival of a back-packing time-travelling tourist, Stanley can!

The Revolting World of Stanley Brown is a Retort production for CBBC. The series starts on Friday 21st September on the CBBC channel.