Thursday, September 20, 2012

Film 4/BFI Short Film casting call


Written and Directed by Jesse Armstrong (Peep Show, Fresh Meat), 'NO KADDISH IN WREXHAM' is a heart warming 10 minute short film about three teenage friends - GWYN, JAMIE AND CAROL - who are in a love triangle, although they don't really know it yet...

We are looking for three really special young actors who can play/look  14/15 years. Ideally we would like to cast these roles with actors who are 16 years or above but who  look 14/15.  We suggest that no one older than 20 yrs applies.

The ONLY roles we are looking for are:

GWYN - Age 14/15. The lead of the film, nervy and likeable but not self-confident. A young consumer of books and films - he sees himself like Woody Allen.
JAMIE - Age 14/15. A more regular kid than Gwyn, he's managed to secure himself a girlfriend and generally look after himself. It can seem like he lacks sensitivity but it's more that he doesn't know how to display it.
CAROL - Age 14/15. Jamie's girlfriend, she is funny and more openly sensitive than Jamie. She is more successful socially than Gwyn but still sympathises with him.

The shoot dates are 10th - 14th November in and around the London area.

Please send us in your name, DOB, contact details (mobile number & email) and recent photo to 
THIS CASTING IS NOW CLOSED  ASAP.  We will be holding auditions in the next couple of weeks in London. If you do not supply us with all the requested details or do not match the correct age  we will not be able to see you.  We shall be contacting  you via your e mail address so please remember to check in! Applications only by e mail.  
Thank you,
Nadira Seecoomar.


  1. Nope, I'm 13 anyway but look like 16, might not be able to do it as Im guessing it includes some you now what....