Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Life and Adventures of Nick Nickleby

Shooting is underway in Belfast on a modern reworking of the Charles Dickens classic novel  for the BBC called ‘The Life and Adventures of Nick Nickleby' with a cast of mainly Northern Irish actors.

23 year old Andrew Simpson (represented by United Agents), best known for starring opposite Cate Blanchett in ‘Notes on a Scandal’, takes the lead role of Nick.

Produced by double BAFTA-winning production company Kindle Entertainment and directed by David Innes Edwards, the five-episode series will focus on lead character Nick, who investigates corruption in care homes for the elderly.

The Life and Adventures of Nick Nickleby has been updated to reflect concerns and questions about modern Britain, so Dickens’ exploration of corruption within private boarding schools is transposed to care-homes for the elderly. Just as Dickens did, the drama invites the audience to reflect on how the vulnerable suffer when the pursuit of profit is valued more than human kindness.

25 year old Northern Irish actress Jayne Wisener (represented by Hamilton Hodell) plays Nick’s beautiful younger sister Kat.

Kindle Entertainment’s 21st century Nick Nickleby is a hot-headed but caring, young man. After his father’s death and the family farm is repossessed, Nick travels to London with his batty old mum (Bronagh Gallagher) and gorgeous, younger sister, Kat, to seek help from rich Uncle Ralph (Adrian Dunbar), the owner of a chain of high profile care homes. Nick is packed off to work in one of the care homes in the North, where he befriends and rescues Mrs Smike, a mouthy but somewhat confused old lady (Linda Bassett), who is appallingly mistreated by Wackford Squeers, the care home supervisor. And so begins Nick’s journey, in which he fights corruption, rescues his sister from the lascivious intentions of his uncle’s dubious business partner, falls in love with the self-possessed, single mum Maddy and is finally able to claim back the family farm.

London-based newcomer Caitlin Joseph (represented by Waring & McKenna) who graduated from Manchester University in 2010, plays Maddy Bhray, the girl Nick falls for.

The rest of the cast includes Bronagh Gallagher, Adrian Dunbar, Linda Basset and Jonathan Harden.

Liam Keelan, Controller BBC Daytime: ‘Nick Nickleby is a very clever reworking of the Dickens classic. Whilst retaining the wit of the original story, it has a contemporary feel, which l’m sure will prove extremely popular with our viewers.’

Filming is scheduled to wrap on July 25th and the series is scheduled to air on BBC One in a daytime slot in Autumn 2012.

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