Sunday, May 6, 2012

Meet the new faces of Waterloo Road

top row l-r, Lula, Imogen, Rhiannon, Connor. Bottom row l-r, Gus, Jade
Series 8 of Waterloo Road sees the Rochdale-based school move to Greenock in Scotland when a number of current teachers and pupils move to set up a new independent school.

And there are some new faces too joining the school for the new term:

20 year old Kirstie Steele from Glasgow plays Imogen, an intelligent, self-effacing wall-flowers, who's always felt out of step with her classmates, and finds their shallow teenage concerns anathema – a feeling which is mutual, as her goth-lite appearance and solitary habits will often generate bitchy comments from her peers. Kirstie, who had to dye her blonde hair black for the role, is a member of the Scottish Youth Theatre, and recently graduated from studying Musical Theatre at Bird College.

19 year old London rapper Paige Meade (represented by United Agents) stars as 16 year old Jade Fleming, who joins Waterloo Road in traumatic circumstances. She and her boyfriend have been on the run from London and hiding out in the woods after he absconded from his juvenile detention centre. Paige has previously appeared in feature films the award-winning Attack The Block and Noel Clarke's romantic feature The Knot which is due to be released next year.

17 year old Benjamin Gur from London plays the self-assured, self-confident, skirt-chasing Angus "Gus" Hancock who joins Waterloo Road from a neighbouring school. Benjamin (represented by Conway Van Gelder) has had previous roles in CBBC's Sadie J and European drama series Borgia, and is currently studying for his A levels.

20 year old Shane O'Meara from Livingston, plays Connor, the seriously emotionally screwed up
son of new English teacher Christine Mulgrew ( played by ex-Eastender Laurie Brett.). Shane, who originally auditioned for the part of Gus, has already shot some big scenes. He said, "Connor's pretty wild, he does some shocking things and we're only a month in."

20 year old newcomer Marlene Madenge, plays Lula Tsibi. Marlene came to Scotland from the war-torn Congo when she was 11 and her experiences mirrored Lula's as she struggled to fit in to school in a new country. Marlene performed with the National Theatre of Scotland when she was just 16.

20 year old Welsh actress Rebecca Craven, joins the cast as Rhiannon Salt, a former Rochdale pupil who is now the school's super-bitch. Rebecca appeared in feature film Hunky Dory alongside Hollywood actress Minnie Driver, as well as Ruth Jones' comedy series Stella.

Waterloo Road Series 8 is currently filming and is due to be broadcast on BBC1 from September 2012.

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