Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Casting Opportunity for boy with Cerebral Palsy

Kahleen Crawford Casting, a Film and TV casting company based in Scotland, are working with a French production company who are making a film (fictional) about a family that has a son who lives with cerebral palsy.

JULIEN has quite a complex form of CP, and the film centres around his and his father's decision to compete in an Iron Man contest together. The director is a French documentary film maker who has worked a lot with families who care for a child with a disability, so the inspiration for the story came through that.

They are looking to cast a boy of around 18 years old who has cerebal palsy to play the part of JULIEN. The film is being shot this summer in France. There will be no need for the boy to be able to speak French as JULIEN will use a communication device. The director is incredibly keen to cast someone who genuinely lives with cerebral palsy, and not an actor 'acting' it, so they have expanded the search to the UK.

KCC would like to reach out to as many boys who live with cerebal palsy in the UK as possible.
Please note that they do not require the boys to have had any experience in acting or performance before.

Notes on the character JULIEN
Julien has quite a complex form of Cerebral Palsy, he uses an electric wheelchair and because he has limited speech, also uses a communication device. Julien is 18 years old, so we are looking for a boy who could pass for that age. Julien’s intelligence is unaffected by his cerebral palsy.

Please feel free to go to the Kahleen Crawford Casting web site  to see who they are.

If you are interested, please send a couple of photos (one full length, one close up) along with a little info i.e age, where you live, hobbies and interests etc to:

If they think you might be suitable for the part, they will get back in touch with you and take it to the next stage.

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