Friday, April 27, 2012

Streetdance Juniors casting news

14 year old Horrid Henry star Theo Stevenson (represented by Independent Talent) and 12 year old Akai Osei-Mansfield, winner of Got to Dance 2010, will head the cast in Vertigo Film's third Streetdance movie, Streetdance Juniors.

Akai had a cameo role in Streetdance 3D and returned as Junior in Streetdance 2. He also featured in the film Horrid Henry: The Movie in which Theo played the title role.

Streetdance Juniors promises to be a fast and funny story about dance, love and finding strength through friendship.

Fast-talking streetwise Ethan teams up with Jaden, a shy nerd who secretly loves to dance, to save their beloved youth club from closure. Along the way they put on a phenomenal talent show and streetdance their way to victory as Ethan wins a girl's heart and Jaden achieves his dreams...

Streetdance Juniors is set to start shooting next month.

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