Monday, February 20, 2012

Sheridan Smith to star in new ITV drama Mrs Biggs

Sheridan Smith is to play the title role of Charmian Biggs in the five part ITV drama Mrs Biggs produced by ITV Studios. She will be joined by Danny Mays (Public Enemies, Ashes to Ashes, Made in Dagenham) who assumes the iconic role of Charmian’s infamous ex-husband Ronnie Biggs.

Written by award-winning writer and Executive Producer Jeff Pope,  Mrs Biggs will chronicle Charmian’s life from the fateful moment that, as a teenager on a train, she first met and fell in love with the flirtatious and worldly Biggs.

Sheridan commented: "When I received the call to say that I'd got this job I burst into tears.  Charmian is an incredible woman, and I'm so lucky that she'll be on hand to support me and give me advice during the shoot.  I hope that I can do her story justice".

Mrs Biggs will recount the story of their struggle to stay together in the face of fierce opposition from Charmian’s family - aghast at Biggs’ criminal record - and their idyllic life as the parents of young children before money worries forced Biggs to ask for a loan from an old friend to pay the deposit on a house they wanted to buy for their growing family. That friend was Bruce Reynolds, at that moment planning on of the most famous crimes in British history - the Great Train Robbery of August 1963. 

After the crime, she secretly emigrates to Australia with her three sons on false passports so that she can remain with her husband and help him avoid capture for more than four years, before Ronnie fled to Rio and started a new life there without.

Directed by Paul Whittington, filming has now begun in Manchester for five weeks and will then move to Australia, where it will continue for another five weeks.

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