Monday, February 6, 2012

Feature film casting for London-based teenagers

Carolyn McLeod is currently casting:

SHOOT ME: A low budget feature to be shot in and around London from April 2012.

SAM and JAZ join forces to enter a young film makers competition, but they have opposing views on how to get the best results. The movie will be shot on different types of cameras - from mobile phones to webcams etc and anyone who is cast in the film will also take an active part in making the movie.

We are looking for the following Lead Roles:

JAZ (MALE): Playing age 17-18, he could be of African, Asian or Middle Eastern descent, quietly spoken, sensitive and always keen to film the truth.

SAM (MALE): Playing age 17-18, tall and kind of awkward, but with the potential to be handsome, has a weakness for American movies and their focus on sex, drugs and crime. He often plays the fool but can be really sensitive.

ASHNA (FEMALE): Playing age 16 - 17, she is JAZ's younger sister. She is adventurous and tries to blend into and adapt to the western society. She fights the traditionalism of her parents and sometimes ignores their strict rules and keeps secrets from them.

We welcome submissions from anyone who thinks they are extreme in some way: extremely funny, extremely tall, extremely good-looking, extremely weird,or extremely talented in some way or the other.

If you think you are what we are looking for, please send a 30 second clip of yourself to the email address below and tells us in your own words "WHAT YOUR DREAMS ARE - WHAT YOU REALLY AND HONESTLY WANT TO ACHIEVE IN LIFE".

PLEASE EMAIL CLIPS TO:, please be aware that we will only contact you if we would like to call you in for an audition, which will be held in London during the 1st week of March 2012.

Don't forget to tell us your age too!

As we'll be filming in London, please only apply if you are based in London or have access to a London base.


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  1. I'm 14, do we have to apply for one of those 3 parts or can we just generally apply? :3