Friday, January 6, 2012

My Phone Genie

16 year old Bessie Cursons from Portsmouth, who shot to fame when she appeared on Britain's Got Talent aged 12, leads the cast of new CITV comedy drama series My Phone Genie. Bessie, who went on to attend Sylvia Young Theatre School, plays Jasmine Hart who downloads a new Genie App to her phone which when opened gives her access to a real life Genie!

Gene the Genie is played by newcomer 16 year old Adam Wadsworth from Chiswick. Haruka Abe (represented by Sainou) plays Naoko. 16 year old Fox Jackson-Keen (represented by Byron's Management) from London, who starred as Billy Elliot for a 2-year run in the West End musical, plays Mobbsy.

The cast also includes Lothaire Gerard (represented by A&J Management) from London as Brent, and 9 year old Ethan Hammer (also represented by A&J) as Reese. Ethan also made his West End debut in ‘Billy Elliot’ playing Small Boy when he was 6 years old. With 17 year old Heather Nicol from Fulwood, who won a full scholarship to Sylvia Young Theatre School when she was 11, as Penne.

Jasmine Hart (Jaz) has a genie in her phone. All Jaz really wanted was the free ringtone download advertised in a weird pop-up ad online, but instead she got landed with Gene.

Genies have kept up-to-date with modern times, ditched their lamps and moved into the mobile phone market. Plus once you've downloaded yourself a genie it's pretty much guaranteed you'll spend the rest of your life trying to get shot of him. The literature reads: Lifetime support and unlimited wishes, your dreams answered and a friend for life (not so different from a mobile phone contract) - moreover, Gene just LOVES granting wishes and sees any occasion as a perfect opportunity for a wish to be used.

The series filmed in Galway, Ireland from July to December 2011.

My Phone Genie is on Sundays at 9am on CITV/ITV & on Wednesdays at 5pm on CITV.

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  1. I enjoyed watching the episode just it was great fun to watch. I was surprised by the amount of press ups she could do very impressive.