Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Narnia's Anna Popplewell stars in Passengers

Chronicles of Narnia star, 23 year old Anna Popplewell (represented in the UK by Sasha Leslie Management) leads the cast in Passengers, a hard-hitting pyschological thriller which was filmed in and around Birmingham in October.

Written and directed by John Hales (represented by Ed Hughes at Linda Seifert Management), Passengers is the story of a group of intoxicated lads driving to a music festival, who seriously injure a young nurse in a night time collision. They make matters far worse by trying to cover up their mistake by hastening the demise of their victim. This, they come to seriously regret as they realise the extent of their culpability and as an unseen killer proceeds to take brutal vengeance.

Jack Derges, a recent Arts Ed drama school graduate, now represented by Hamilton Hodell, stars as Jed Warner. 

Calvin Dean (represented by Williamson and Holmes), who starred as Darren Mullet in Tormented, plays Rog. 25 year old Danny Szam plays Jed's brother Anakin Warner, with Tom Bacon, Ian Weichardt as Paz, and Sophie Colquhoun (from the latest Eastenders:E20) completing the line-up.

Passengers is the first feature to come out of UK production company Ratio Film and is scheduled for release in 2012.

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  1. John Hales has written and directed this so it's well worth a watch.