Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Boarding School Bomber

Adam Deacon (Adulthood, Anuvahood and Demons Never Die) stars in a a compelling new film The Boarding School Bomber which tells the true story of how and why a public schoolboy became a would-be suicide bomber.

In 2008 the police received an anonymous phone call from a member of the Bristol Muslim community telling them a young man had been seen with burn marks on his hands, talking about suicide bombing.

But the 19-year old in question, Isa Ibrahim, was not your typical suicide bomber. Born in a leafy Bristol suburb to a middle class family with supportive, loving, Christian parents, Isa (born Andrew) had been to some of the most prestigious public schools in the country - Downside, Colston’s, Queen Elizabeth Hospital - and had a privileged upbringing. However, his life didn’t quite take the same direction as his older Oxford-educated, lawyer brother.

This is a little known story, and one that took place just three years after the 7/7 bombings in London. It reveals how the actions of just one boy could have led to another devastating terrorist atrocity on our shores.

The drama/documentary combines powerful drama with insightful interviews with Andrew’s friends and mother. It charts the decisions and wrong turns he took in his life, tracking his journey from schoolboy pranks to struggling teenager, from a boy looking for his identity to a young man looking for a target.

The cast also includes Stefano Braschi as Isa's brother and Skins star Larissa Wilson as a student.

The 60 minute film is at 9pm Monday 21st November 2011 on BBC Three.

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