Saturday, October 29, 2011

Young Dracula New Series - Meet the Characters, new and old

The highly-anticipated and long awaited new series of Young Dracula finally hits our screens this Monday 31st December 5:15pm on the CBBC channel.

This third series, first reported by Screenterrier back in March, follows the next chapter in the life of Vlad, the teenage son of Count Dracula.

Vlad is now a fully fledged vampire, honing and testing his new powers. The Count (Keith-Lee Castle) knows that Vlad, the chosen one, needs to be kept safe while he learns the tools to fulfil his destiny. But, as usual, The Count's good intentions are undermined by his tendency to create drama and mayhem on a daily basis.

Gerran Howell returns to star as young Vlad, the son of Count Dracula, who accepts the useful things amongst his vampire powers, (fast speed, lighting candles etc) but would rather not be a fully-fledged, bloodthirsty, mayhem causing, breather hating evil kind of vampire. He just wants to be "normal". Unfortunately for him though, he is the "Chosen One" and if he doesn't want his family and others to get hurt, he has to learn how to open the Praedictum Impaver and lead the vampire race into the future.

Clare Thomas returns as Vlad's older sister, Ingrid. She turned really bad, back in Stokely, she wanted revenge for her dusted boyfriend and tired of being passed over by her Dad, she also wanted power.  The Count and Vlad managed to escape from her- she would have left them to rot- but now it seems she's bitten off more than she can chew and has got really sick. Vlad and Erin get her back to the school but there's no happy father- daughter reunion for her. 

Sydney Rae White, last seen in musical drama Rules of Love, joins the cast as Erin, who arrives in the Dracula household having saved a sick Ingrid from the threatening slayers. Vlad and Erin hit it off instantly, but is she all that she seems?

And youngster Wolfie is the half brother of Vlad and Ingrid – the child of their mother Magda and her boyfriend, Patrick the werewolf. Wolfie just has to be careful around the full moon, when his werewolf genes come to the fore...

The 13 x 30 min series, directed by Joss Agnew was filmed on location in Liverpool.

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  1. Is there going to be a series 4 and when will it hit the screens? Xx