Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Feature film casting call

GreenScreen Productions are casting for the lead role in their upcoming feature film, based on the book by Anthony McGowan, The Knife That Killed Me

Paul Varderman
This is the lead role. Looking for a strong actor aged 15-17 with a Northern accent who is vulnerable and empathetic but a leader. Actor must be available for run of picture.

When Paul moves away and starts at his new school all he wants is to fit in. Trying to avoid the bullies he'll do anything to earn respect. However when the violence involves knives everything can change in an instant.

Production details

Production dates:  Shooting 1 week Dec and 5 weeks Jan-Feb 2012.

Location: York

Closing date: 16/11/2011 : 23:59

Director: Marcus Romer and Kit Monkman

Producer: Tom Mattinson

Pay category: Paid (Equity minimum)

Company: GreenScreen Productions

Casting in London week of 24th October followed by castings in Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds and Manchester

16 years old, Northern accent. Paul is an outsider at school who finds himself torn between slowly making friends with a relatively uncool crowd and keeping in with the bullies who could so easily make his life a misery. Paul is an uncomfortable victim. He faces his adversity with the wit and ingenuity of a rebel spirit. He dreams and tells stories.

Playing age: 15 - 17

Height: 5'8" - 6'

Ethnicity: Any

Please send all suggestions to, picture and CV attached. They must look 16.

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  1. Will you be posting the casting dates for Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds and Manchester aswell? Or will you be invited to a call after you've emailed them your details and picture?