Monday, October 10, 2011

Check out the poster and trailer for family football feature Will

Check out the poster and trailer to inspiring family drama Will, starring 11 year old newcomer Perry Eggleton, alongside Bob Hoskins and Damien Lewis.

Screenterrier blogged about Perry's casting here. Joining him in the film and on the poster, as his two classmates Ritchie and Simon, are Brandon Robinson (Young Actors Theatre), who also plays a Lost Boy in Sky's upcoming Neverland, and Kieran Wallbanks (A&J Management) who starred last year in CBBC's Combat Kids.

Eleven-year-old Will Brennan’s (Perry Eggleton) life is turned upside down when his long-absent father (Damian Lewis) reappears with tickets to the 2005 Champions League Final in Istanbul. But when fate intervenes, Will runs away to Istanbul for the biggest soccer match of the year, searching for meaning in a world that seems to have abandoned him. En route, he encounters Alek (Kristian Kiehling), a former Yugoslavian football star who abandoned the game during his country’s civil war. Despite his initial reluctance to help, Alek finds himself inspired by Will’s heroic journey and helps him fulfil his dream.

The film also includes cameos from several Liverpool footballers.

Will premieres in Liverpool on the 16th October and is in cinemas in the UK from the 4th November 2011.

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