Saturday, July 23, 2011

First look at Truth Or Dare

Screenterrier posted the casting call for indie pyschological film Truth Or Dare, back in November 2010. With the film now in post-production, a full synopsis and first image have now emerged.

Five teenage friends are taken hostage by a vengeful psychopath and forced to play a party game with life-or-death consequences.

An end-of-year party for an 'alpha' group of first year university students turns nasty when a game of 'truth or dare' ends in humiliation for ultra-rich social misfit Felix. For five students at the gathering, this unpleasant but seemingly minor incident will have unexpectedly devastating repercussions.

Some months later, the friends meet again en route to a surprise party for Felix, who has been away traveling. Arriving at the venue - an old hunting lodge - they are met by Justin, Felix's charismatic older brother, who explains that Felix will be late for the party. He persuades the gang to join him in getting drunk in his sibling's absence, but psychopathic rage bubbles beneath Justin's charming exterior, and the real reason for the gathering is revealed: Felix has committed suicide, and Justin is determined to find out why.

The horror/thriller is written by Matthew McGuchan, and directed by Robert Heath, and stars a host of up-and-coming young actors.

22 year old Jennie Jacques (pictured above in a still from film), (represented by BWH) stars as Eleanor, described as "the sexy one". Jennie will also be seen later this year playing Jasmine in Demons Never Die (previously known as Suicide Kids).

27 year old David Oakes (represented by Conway Van Gelder), who recently featured in The Borgias and The Pillars of the Earth, stars as Justin.

Liam Boyle (represented by CAM), star of Awaydays, Powder and Land Girls, plays good guy Paul.

Newcomer Florence Hall (also represented by CAM)  plays "the pretty and clever one" Gemma.

Jack Gordon (represented by Hamilton Hodell), one of Screen International's UK Stars of Tomorrow in 2010, stars as Chris, "the hunky jock" of the group.

20 year old Tom Kane (represented by BWH) plays the geeky Felix. Tom, from Bournemouth, recently featured in Married Single Other and The Silence.

Welsh actor Alexander Vlahos (represented by Katie Threlfall Associates) who recently appeared in daytime drama The Indian Doctor, plays "The Slacker" Luke.

Truth or Dare is due to be released in the UK sometime in November 2011.

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