Thursday, June 9, 2011

Casting for two boys

Casting Director Suzanne Smith is working on a series for ABC called MISSING, filming in Prague with Ashley Judd and Sean Bean. The show is about a mother searching for her missing 18 year old son in Europe.

She is looking for two young boys for the series:


MUST HAVE BLUE EYES to match with adult actor MICHAEL and ideally looking for an American or Canadian boy or someone who has done an American accent before.
A bright and cheerful boy who travels the world with his CIA parents, innocent to the dangers they put themselves through each day.

Shooting in Prague:
Episode 5 between July 13th - Aug 13th
Episode 8 between Aug 18th - Sept 6th
Episode 9 between Sept 7th - 3rd Oct

MAKSIM (aged 12)

12 year old Maksim is a Russian boy, obsessed with Western Culture, who speaks English fluently. He has been raised alone by his billionaire crime lord father for the past 3 years, since his mother left and has been twisted by his dad in ways that are unimaginable and only come to light at the end of the episode.
His story as a child is told in flashback to 1999 when Becca (Ashley Judd) and Paul (Sean Bean) married CIA operatives working together on dangerous missions. Maksim's mother has agreed to testify against her violent ex husband if the CIA promise to rescue her son from his clutches and deliver him safely to the U.S.......... This mission goes disastrously wrong

Speaks fluent english with a slight accent with a few Russian words.
All scenes are with Ashley Judd, Sean Bean and Keith Carradine

MAKSIM is in one Episode shooting 14th August to 8th September in Prague

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