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BBC NI Drama casting call for 18 - 25 year olds

Stirling Film and Television in Belfast are currently looking for exciting new acting talent for their brand new BBC NI university drama, 6 Degrees.

Over 6 X 30 min episodes, the post-watershed show will follow six freshers as they arrive in Belfast, adapt to their new surroundings and crash through their first term at university.

We are looking for young (no older than 25) acting talent with a proven track record from across Ireland.

A recent headshot is required to apply to audition for this groundbreaking and exciting new BBC drama.

We will be holding a casting in Manchester on the 5th & 6th July 2011 for the following roles:

Jess – female – Manchester accent/ Northern England
Eva – female – Scottish accent
Sandie – female – Scottish accent

Please see the full character biogs below for more information.

All applications to :


Straightforward. Ballsy. Everywoman. (Think Ellen Page)
AGE: 18

Self assured, honest, loyal, amiable and witty, it’s no wonder people gravitate towards Jess Green. The girl next door with added gumption, she thinks she has her feet firmly on the ground, but is about to be knocked over by the whirlwind of student life.

A decent and straightforward girl, Jess arrives in Belfast having left behind her overprotective family and raw from her split with boyfriend Jack at the airport. Armed with a healthy dose of normality, she’s soon compromised by the diverse mix of characters she meets and the expectations they ultimately defy.

Having failed to make the grades to study Medicine at Oxbridge, Jess finds herself at the root of her parent’s disappointment. Naturally bright, she should have followed in the footsteps of her two high-flying sisters, but perfection eludes Jess quite simply because she isn’t and has no desire to be perfect. Put simply, Jess is likeable a character who makes mistakes and doesn’t always do what’s expected of her.

Stubborn and wilful to the end, she broke free of conformity to carve out her own future. A future that’s seen her through clearing and landed her in the hub of Belfast. Jess’ family assumes she’s made yet another mistake in her wide and varied catalogue off ill choices. They expect she’ll be home after a week, but Jess is out to prove them wrong.
She’s secretly petrified of what the future holds, she’s acutely aware there’s no turning back...

MUSIC: Indie/rock/pop. FILM: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. FASHION: Topshop meets thriftshop. HERO: Alexa Chung.

Ditzy. Idealistic. Glamour girl. (Think Reese Witherspoon)
AGE: 18

Sandie Malloy’s the girl who wants it all and a whole lot more. The world’s fallen at her feet and who is she to deny what fate would have? Unfeasibly pretty, stylish but with a sweet curiosity and wide-eyed innocence, Sandie’s ill equipped for the harsh realities of adulthood. It’s only by being plunged into a world beset by extreme personalities that we discover there’s more to her than meets the eye...

From a family of social climbers, Sandie works hard to maintain a meticulous image of perfection, both academically and personally. But her desire to live up to her family and society’s high expectations proves detrimental to her true happiness. She may well be en route to a life of success, but that doesn’t necessarily equate fulfilment. Despite there being many reasons to dismiss Sandie, she has such endearing charm that makes it hard to begrudge this perennially ditzy girl. Her only hubris is her shallowness, with vanity often serving to override her better judgement.

Diligent by nature, Sandie strives for the best in life and why not? She deserves it. But this sense of entitlement can often be misconstrued as downright arrogance and it’s a cause for much consternation, notably from Eva. Despite Eva dissecting her vacuous existence in front of her very eyes, Sandie remains steadfast in her quest for happiness. But rather than believing in true, all-consuming love, Sandie’s the type of girl who seeks to tick boxes in order to climb the social ladder. Therefore, she thinks she’s found her ideal man in Conor.

MUSIC: Rhianna, The Script and anything pop. FILM: Romantic comedies. Pretty Woman. FASHION: Designer preppy. HERO: Audrey Hepburn.

Sexy. Rough. Wild. (Think Cher Lloyd)
AGE: 18

Confident, spontaneous, opinionated and hedonistic, Eva’s the platonic ideal of the typical student. Busy running from one adventure to the next, her philosophy in life is simple; live for the moment. Naturally, this tendency to never look before she leaps causes havoc with the lives of her friends. From the people she brings home, to the places she drags her friends to; life with Eva is never dull.

From a working class family, Eva’s secretly plagued by a trauma when she was seventeen. Her younger sister, Maeve, committed suicide. A truth that’s destroyed her family. But Eva’s a survivor. And the one thing she despises is pity. She’s never asked for it and she has never allowed herself to feel sorry for her situation.

Moving out of her home town was a conscious decision. It hadn’t felt like home for some time, not since Maeve died anyway. Feeling suffocated by the weight of the loss, Eva grabbed the opportunity to leave and make a fresh start. For Eva, if Maeve’s death proves one thing, it’s that life is for living. Of course all this running is tiring. Standing still gives you time to think. Which is what Eva wants to avoid.

The truth Eva won’t admit to herself is that anger and heartbreak permeate every fibre of her being, and she can’t comprehend the injustice of Maeve’s death. She hasn’t let the defences down to love anyone as much as she loved her sister. Ultimately, the truth teller will have to learn to face the truth. In the meantime, there are so many experiences out there and she wants to devour each and every one of them.

MUSIC: House, electro, rock, punk. FILM: Trainspotting.
FASHION: Cher Lloyd meets Cheryl Cole. HERO: Jessie J

All applications to :

Pól Penrose
Casting Director
Stirling Film & TV Productions

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