Wednesday, March 23, 2011

First look at Elfie Hopkins and the Gammons

It's been a long wait, but Elfie Hopkins and the Gammons is finally shooting in Wales.

The independent horror feature film stars Jaime Winstone as a grungy wannabe detective who attempts to uncover the human flesh-eating truth about the close-knit Gammon family.

The film is directed and co-written by Ryan Andrews who told Shock Till You Drop

"After meeting Jaime I knew she could become the main focus [for] something really special and unique in British horror fantasy terms. Elfie is a finely tuned representation of my own childhood memories growing up in rural Wales. I often used to imagine myself as a vampire hunter let loose on a community of surreal country folk. Riyad and I have taken those already magnified experiences and transformed them further into a combination of British twee and American grunge – a weird mash-up of two worlds with a heightened reality comic-strip feel informed by everything between author Roald Dahl and The Lost Boys to Brit photographer Tim Walker and The Shining."

Starring alongside Jaime Winstone is Aneurin Barnard as Elfie's best friend, Kimberley Nixon as her romantic nemesis, and her father Ray Winstone as Butcher Bryn.

The Gammon family consists of husband and wife Rupert Evans and Kate Magowan with their teenage kids played by rising stars Gwyneth Keyworth and Will Payne.

"I still can't believe we're actually filming," says Jaime Winstone, watching Evans go through his mouthwateringly murderous paces off-camera. "We've been discussing these scenes for over four years now and we're finally acting them out. I keep looking at Ryan and laughing as we both pinch ourselves it's actually happening. This is exactly the sort of film I want to be in and because no one else was writing it, we did it ourselves. We never gave up, ever, even when we dallied with filming it in 3D last year. I would loved to have seen something like Elfie Hopkins when I was growing up; independent, inspiring, scary and providing the best fantasy option to believe in yourself. It's way too premature but who knows what might come next, Elfie Hopkins and the Sorcerer's Stone perhaps!"

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