Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dakota Fanning as Princess Margaret?

Variety is today reporting that 16 year old Dakota Fanning has signed up to star as Princess Margaret, in Michael Hoffman’s Girls' Night Out.

The story, based on true events, will see Fanning “play a teenage Princess Margaret on V.E. Day in 1945. When she and her sister Elizabeth are allowed out from Buckingham Palace for one night to join in the celebrations, the night encompasses thrills, romance and danger.” The film is being produced by Ecosse films and the script, inspired by true events, was penned by Trevor de Silva.

It seems a shame to cast an American actress, however talented, in such a quintessentially English role, when there are so many talented young British actresses out there. Let's hope Dakota can polish up her RP accent.
Casting for Princess Elizabeth will be announced soon. We can only hope they cast a British actress in that role!

Girls' Night Out is due to start shooting at the end of the year.


  1. This some really interesting (although rumoured) casting! So many British actors are getting American roles, the recent being Henry Cavill cast as Superman - a classically all American patriotic character. I do believe casting is international, and I'm pleased that good American roles are available to good British actors but at the same time reading something like this makes me believe the role should go to a British actress. Is that greedy of me?!

    Great news though, looking forward to hearing how this goes.

  2. Why do they always give parts to experienced actors? if the books good enough then the movie should sell itsself without having to have a well known actor as the main part?