Monday, January 3, 2011

Sadie J on CBBC January 14th

Screenterrier reported back in March on the open casting call to find the lead characters for a new CBBC comedy drama series called Sadie Jones,

Newcomer Georgia Lock was cast in the lead role of Sadie.

Now called Sadie J, and billed as a feel-good comedy about a feisty 13-year-old girl with the sass of Cheryl Cole and the punch of a prize fighter, the series finally hits our screens on Friday 14th January at 5:25pm on the CBBC channel.

In the first episode Crushamondo Sadie falls for geek-turned-hottie Joe, but how can she compete with trog-face Chloe? By proving to him that she's not a grease monkey in overalls. Cue one of Kit's makeovers.

14 year old Ronan Carter from Brighouse, who attends Stardom School of Performing Arts and Casting Agency, plays the flamboyant Kit, one of Sadie's best friends.

Newcomer Priyanka Patel stars as Dede, Sadie's other best friend, a tomboy whose passion is science. 14 year old Priyanka from London attends Corona Theatre School. She turned her back on a dream summer cruise with her family on the Queen Mary to film the 13 episodes.
"We filmed all through the summer and it was hard work and a real eye-opening experience for me. To be on a real set and see how it all worked was really interesting.

"It was nerve-wracking at first because it was my first real TV role and I had a lot of lines to learn. But the crew were brilliant and really helped us feel at home. It was like one big family and I don't think I have ever had as much fun.

"The producers were really happy with the way it came out and they have spoken about a second series. We just have to wait and see how the ratings go."

Danny, Sadie's younger brother and the "hyperactive dymano" is played by TV newcomer 11 year old William Nye (represented by Hamilton Hodell), who starred in the National Theatre's production of The Doll's House.

Newcomer Bobby Fuller (Alphabet Kidz) plays Jake, Danny's quieter side-kick.

14 year old Rose Liston (represented by Mark Jermin) from Cambridgeshire plays Sadie's rival Chloe.

Joe is played by the gorgeous 16 year old Benny Gur (represented by Conway Van Gelder) from London, who appeared in Beautiful People, and recently filmed the role of Petronio for new TV series Borgia.

17 year old Alfie Stewart (represented by Independent Talent) from Essex plays Keith.