Sunday, January 16, 2011

Catweazle the movie

A new feature film remake of popular 1970s children's TV drama Catweazle is underway with filming anticipated to take place this summer. The family fantasy film will be directed by BAFTA-winning John Henderson and produced by Paul Knight.

Catweazle is the story of an 11th-century wizard who is on the run from invading Normans after accidentally starting the Battle of Hastings.
Casting a hopeless spell to aid his escape, he accidentally finds himself in the present day and struggles with his wayward magic powers to return to the year 1066.
Catweazle befriends farmer’s son Carrot, who, to him is a magician himself having demonstrated his control over the “sun in the bottle” and “electrickery” which amazes Catweazle!  Carrot helps Catweazle to try and get back to his own time . . . . . . but not before they have many adventures as Catweazle helps in turn to try and save the day for Carrot and his father who are in danger of losing their farm through the “nasty” bank manager threatening to repossess it in the recession. Do they succeed ? Well they certainly give it their very best shot together……!

The Daily Mail is suggesting that an unusual casting method may be used to find an unknown teenage actor to star in the film - via a reality tv show.Viewers will vote for a young actor to play the ginger-haired farmer’s son nicknamed Carrot, who hides the wizard in an old water tower and teaches him about modern wizardry such as electricity and the telephone - 'elektrickery' and 'the telling bone', as a confused Catweazle calls them.

Rhys Ifans is tipped for the starring role of the eccentric wizard.

The film’s executive producer is Intandem, whose films include How To Lose Friends and Alienate People starring Simon Pegg and Jeff Bridges and which is now financing 15 films with total budgets in excess of £100 million for 2011.
Andrew Brown, Director of Intandem, describes Catweazle as 'a classic and timeless "fish out of water" story.'
Henderson adds: 'It’s a universal story. It’s amazing how often when you mention Catweazle’s name to someone, a smile breaks out across their face.'