Saturday, December 18, 2010

Misfits Christmas Special

Don't forget the Misfits Christmas Special is on this Sunday (19th December) at 10pm on E4.

Finally out of their unflattering orange suits, Simon, Nathan, Kelly, et al are negotiating life after community service. Nathan, dressed as Santa (if he were a tramp) is passing out flyers, Kelly is sweeping up the streets for the council,

Alicia and Curtis have managed to find semi-respectable jobs in a bar, and Simon is busy practicing his parkour skills in an effort to become his future superhero self and find himself deserving of his new lady's affections. 

But amid the mundanity of ordinary life there's trouble abrewing. A nefarious preacher (played by Edward Hogg) desperate for a congregation at Christmas has decided to take action and find himself some powers in an effort to prove he's the second coming.

And Nathan finally meets Marnie, the girl of his dreams - heavily pregnant, with loose morals and a serious lack of intellect. She's playing by young Welsh rising star 19 year old Gwyneth Keyworth - one of Screenterrier's Faces to Watch.

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