Thursday, December 16, 2010

First look at Dakota Blue Richards in Skins

With filming now wrapped on Skins Series 5, and E4's transmission expected to start in January 2011, here's a look at Dakota Blue Richards who plays Franky Fitzgerald in the new series.

And a little about Franky in her own words below:

Um... In primary I accidentally set fire to the headmaster who was dressed as a Scarecrow. It was Harvest Festival assembly and he called me up for a bollocking for non-attendance.
Whenever I got nervous I used to flick the flint of this Clipper lighter I had in my pocket. As I was doing it he pulled my hand out just as a spark grazed the straw coming out from under his sleeve. He went up like a rocket and ran through the hall as all the pupils tried to put the flames out, with about 300 cans of Coke. But the sugar in the coke made the flames worse, so he stripped butt naked then screamed 'terrorist' at me, over and over and over.
Think I'm still in shock a bit from it.

And Dakota on set as Franky, during filming:

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