Thursday, December 16, 2010

BBC Archive releases James Bond collection

BBC Archive is releasing today a collection of television and radio items examining the Bond phenomenon through the eyes of those who helped shape the world’s most popular secret agent in both print and film. Items in the collection reveal the origins, development, and more recent literary revival of the suave spy figure at the heart of the longest-running and most financially-successful English-language film franchise to date.
The collection also features rare behind-the-scenes material providing fans with a window into the world of Bond on film: an episode of ‘Whicker’s World’ – made available for the first time since its initial broadcast in 1967, a must-see for fans – provides a unique glimpse of the personalities and production processes of ‘You Only Live Twice’, and a photo gallery provides snapshots of life on the set of 1976 classic ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’.

In another radio item, we hear from Fleming himself as he discusses with fellow ex-journalist Raymond Chandler – pioneer of the modern private detective story and creator of protagonist Philip Marlowe, later played by Humphrey Bogart – the ingredients which make up the perfect thriller.

BBC Archive executive producer,Julie Rowbotham, says of the collection: "James Bond is such an iconic part of British culture and we are thrilled to be able to release these programmes re-examining the legend and exploring why successive generations have taken 007 to their hearts."

The fascinating collection of programmes and images is available from today at

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