Friday, November 19, 2010

Waterloo Road Reunited

Following the success of Eastenders web spin-off Eastenders:E20, the BBC today announced a major new online drama commission, Waterloo Road Reunited.

Waterloo Road Reunited is being produced by Shed Media Scotland and will give fans of the BBC One hit series the chance to catch up with the lives and loves of favourite characters from past series including Bolton, Michaela, Jancee, Philip, Aleesha and Paul, as they all make their way in the world away from the classroom with mixed results!

Using a combination of scripted episodes, fictional social media networks, audio and interactive fan sites, Waterloo Road Reunited will allow the audience to extend their relationship with their favourite characters from the screen to online.

Sarah Clay, BBC Drama, Multiplatform Commissioning Executive, said: "Unlike most dramas, Waterloo Road is unique in that every year popular characters have to leave the show because they leave school. This leaves Waterloo Road's massive online fan base with a natural thirst to find out what happened to the likes of Bolton, and Michaela. We wanted to give fans a chance to follow their lives online. The video will focus on events that bring the ex-pupils together, but the story extends beyond video allowing the audience to follow their lives as if they were friends with them on Facebook."

Waterloo Road Reunited is due to launch in Spring 2011. Series six of Waterloo Road, which regularly attracts over than five million viewers a week, returns to BBC One in the New Year.


  1. is it goin to show us what happens to Donte and Chlo and their baby ?

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