Monday, November 8, 2010

Truth or Dare casting call

Carolyn McLeod is casting:

TRUTH OR DARE: A Brit Indie psychological thriller (Feature Film)

Shoots: For 4 weeks from 10th January 2011 in the UK (You must be available for all 4 weeks)

Rehearsal: W/c 3rd January 2011 - Dates TBC (You must be available for this week)

We are looking for the following Lead roles:

18 - 20, RP, tall, handsome, former head boy. Paul is a good guy, sociable. (THE POSH ONE)
Skills: May need to drive, please submit even if you can't drive

18 -20, RP, stunning girl, a real head-turner. She can be a real bitch, very driven, and often provocative, but we forgive her as she's always passionate - even when it's not appropriate. (THE SEXY ONE)
Skills: May need to drive, please submit even if you can't drive

18 -20, RP, very pretty (but doesn't know it), very bright, a bit too passive, and verges on being a bit goody-goody sometimes, easily led. (THE CLEVER ONE)

18-20, RP, the good-looking-and-he-knows-it 'Jock'. Sporty and charismatic but aggressive with it. He's a bit "Jackass", but always with a darker edge. He's all about ego and status; dating Gemma, but is clearly more in love with himself. (THE HUNKY ONE)

18-20, RP, a bit shy, rather geeky, comes from money. His nickname is MR BEAN. Out of his depth and his comfort zone at Uni and with that crowd. (THE GEEKY ONE)

18-20, Scrawny, low status, easily influenced, will do anything to be liked and so wants to be part of the clique. His ability to be their go-to guy for drugs is the only reason he's tolerated. (THE SLACKER)

PLEASE EMAIL Carolyn at: with a recent photograph, cv and your contact details. Please be aware that we will only get in touch with you if we would like you to attend to an audition.


  1. RP stands for "Received Pronounciation"; it means well-spoken, posh, standard English (non-regional), Queen's English type accent.

  2. Is it still too late to apply? And do you have to be 18 or look 18? (I'm 17 years old)

  3. If the original rehearsal and shoot dates are still correct, then yes, it's too late.