Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Some Dogs Bite

Some Dogs Bite, a tough but tender new British film by award-winning writer Lin Coghlan and BAFTA award-winning director Marc Munden will premiere on Wednesday 10th November on BBC3 at 9pm.

Some Dogs Bite (previously known as AWOL) is the story of three brothers on the road and on the run, and stars Thomas Sangster, Aaron Taylor and Michelle Asante.

When 15 year old Casey (played by Sangster) takes his baby brother from foster care, older brother H is forced to look after them both.

Thomas' character Casey is 15, but his learning difficulties can make him appear younger. He has a wide-eyed innocence that simultaneously makes him in love with the world but also detached from it. After taking his baby brother from foster care so that he can look after him, he hits the road with his big brother H, who reluctantly must look after them both. Casey is very caring and sees goodness and beauty in every situation, but this doesn't stop him feeling the loss of his mother any less intensely.

23 year old Aaron Taylor (now represented by Curtis Brown) from London plays 'H' who is 18 - a hard-bitten, small-time drug dealer who finds himself having to look after his two younger brothers, 15 year old Casey, who has learning difficulties, and 10 month old baby Severino. The ...three of them hit the road after Casey takes Sevvie from foster care in a bid to look after him himself. The police think Casey is a criminal. H thinks he's insane. Casey just thinks brothers should stick together.

Michelle Asante (represented by Sally Hope Associates) plays Venetia. H and Casey first meet Venetia on the train to Derby, when she plans to get even with her Mum's newest ex-boyfriend. Looking to steal back what he stole, Venetia is not a girl to be messed with, but underneath the bolshy independence that her broken childhood has given her, she has a soft and vulnerable side that is waiting to be cared for.

The role of 10 month baby Severino is played by 3 babies: twins Kian and Cory Smith, and Lewis Dickinson.

Some Dogs Bite was filmed in various locations in the North West of England, a tough but tender story about Britain's lost kids, it seems likely to follow in the successful footsteps of Kindle's Children's BAFTA-nominated drama Dustbin Baby.

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