Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Skins Season 5 - Meet Will Merrick

17 year old Will Merrick from Ledbury has beat around 10,000 hopefuls to become one of the new series of Skins' eight main characters, playing Alo Creevy

The young actor will make his first television appearance in the teen drama early next year.

He describes the role as a “dream come true” but admits he wasn’t hopeful when he travelled to the audition with a friend.
“We turned up to see thousands of people so I thought it would be pointless, but it turns out it was all worth it. There were about seven auditions with less people each time, so when there were 50 I knew I was close.
The producer called me and I didn’t feel anything, but the more time I spent in make-up and costume the more it hit me. This is my first television job but it’s been fantastic. I really love what I’m doing and every day just gets better.”

Will divided his time between filming on location in Bristol and going to school in Cheltenham. He has been acting since a child but received plenty of encouragement at the Downs School in Colwall.

He describes his character in Skins as a “fun loving person... he’s a very open-minded, positive and enthusiastic kind of guy.”

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